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Current Designs Unity

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Current Designs Unity

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The Unity is a sleek tandem expedition kayak built for safety and performance. Features include an oversized center hatch and larger front hatch dramatically improving storage ease. Both novice and experienced paddlers alike will appreciate the quick acceleration, long smooth glide, and solid stability profile of the Unity. Offered only in a special beefy fiberglass lay-up that creates the ultimate marriage of durability and weight savings. Dimension Adjustable Seat Back is standard.

Current Design's vacuum-bagged fiberglass laminate is a notch above most other fiberglass products on the market. Vacuum-bagging allows them to select and place reinforcing materials to provide the optimal strength and stiffness properties without adding unnecessary weight. The result is a superbly crafted composite kayak that's impeccably finished inside and out.


  • Swede Form
  • Soft Chine
  • Shallow "V"
  • Touring Cockpit

    Length: 21' Width: 26" Depth: 13" Weight: 85 lbs Max capacity: 750 lbs

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