North Shore Aspect RM

North Shore Aspect RM

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List Price: $1,595.00
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An all-new kayak for those seeking something a little shorter than a traditional sea kayak but equally looking for one that doesn't compromise paddling performance. The Aspect's combination of the modest beam and maximised waterline length ensures class-leading speed. Meanwhile the moderately soft chines and hull's shallow "V" give predictable and responsive handling. These attributes make the Aspect ideal for a wide choice of paddling activities including general touring, fishing, fitness paddling, rock-hopping, in fact anywhere that a full length sea kayak might feel awkward and unnecessary.


  • A short easy to paddle kayak that offers fun to children and adults alike.

  • Good forward tracking combined with unparalleled stability.

  • 2 hatches with moulded bulkheads.

  • Single layer high density polyethylene giving a lighter stiffer kayak.

  • Polyethylene moulded bulkhead, unique for a kayak in this price range.

  • Composite stiffener between bulkheads.

  • Retractable skeg.

  • Yakima footrest.

  • Perfect for coastal touring, camping trips and exploring lakes and rivers.

    Length: 14' 10" Width: 24" Weight: 50lbs

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